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The Internet is a theatre, and social media sites such as Facebook are seen to host multimedia details. The audience seems to be hunting for exciting videos they would like to bookmark and watch later or, better yet, share with friends. Regarding the direct downloading of videos, it must be noted that Facebook has no specific option to allow users to do that; however, a range of Chrome extensions have appeared to meet this demand.

What is a Facebook video downloader Chrome extension?

Facebook Video Downloader Chrome extension is a software add-on installed directly into the Chrome Internet browser, which enables users to download videos from Facebook. These extensions are placed right into a Chrome browser to become its elements to save videos for further use.

Techniques to employ a Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension.

Install the Extension:

Proceed to the Chrome web store.

Use the search bar to find the specific video downloader extension you are looking for, such as “Facebook Video Downloader.”

Follow the ‘Click on add to chrome’ step, and you will install the extension.

Downloading Videos:

After that, you mount it and launch the Chrome browser, where you log in to your Facebook account.

Launch the video using the video player you want to download.

Commonly, the downloader extension places a download button close to the video player. Select it to start the download.

Choosing Video Quality:

It is also possible to find extensions allowing you to choose the desired video quality before downloading.

Select the preferred quality, usually placed at the bottom in the form of two options, such as HD and SD.

Advantages of a Facebook Video Downloader Chrome Extension

Offline Viewing: Users could save videos to watch later without an internet connection.

Sharing: Sharing the downloaded videos with friends and other platforms should be easy.

Convenience: This simplifies directly downloading videos from Facebook’s application.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Is it for the law to download Facebook videos with the help of these extensions?

P2P downloading of videos for personal use is legal, but using downloaded videos and distributing them is considered a violation of copyright laws. It is essential never to infringe any copyright laws.

  1. Is it secure to download a Facebook Video Downloader Chrome extension?

While most extensions are harmless, it is vital to download and operate them only from the source, such as Chrome Web Store, or by looking at the rating of that particular extension.

  1. Can I download private videos or share them in closed groups?

Specifically, the majority of these extensions are compatible with public videos only. Some videos, such as personal ones or those of specific groups, may not be downloaded because of the allowed privacy settings.

  1. Are these extensions supported for mobile devices?

However, Chrome extensions are primarily developed for use on Computers or laptops. For mobile devices, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the apps specially designed for the corresponding stores.


Having a Facebook Video Downloader Chrome extension saves Facebook videos, and sharing them is easy. Thus, the guaranteed trouble-free installation and presumed users’ adherence to observing content creators’ rights can improve the experience of using social networks as a multimedia content source.

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