How to Download a YouTube Video Converter


YouTube video converters are indispensable for any user who wishes to download and further convert videos from such a popular site as YouTube. This article will discuss the different YouTube video converters and details on how to download and correctly use them.

Legal Considerations

It is, therefore, essential that you, especially when using YouTube video converters, be fully aware of the legalities.

YouTube’s Terms of Service

YouTube’s privacy policy prohibits downloading content without the owner’s permission. To address these terms, we will explain samples and how to ensure they are met.

Copyright Laws

For newcomers, basic information about the copyright laws that apply to their jurisdiction is essential. This section provides guidelines to avoid copyright infringement.

Among the software, they are:

Online Converters

A YouTube to mp3 converter can be an online tool that converts YouTube videos without requiring a download of any program.

Popular Online Converters




Online converters enable users to assess, compare, and analyze the file’s comparative performance and compare it with other file types.

Copy the YouTube Video URL: Open YouTube and find the video you want to save. Go to the address bar of your browser and copy the link.

Visit the Online Converter: In your internet browser, type the URL of any online converter website you choose.

Paste the URL: To use this converter, you must paste the URL you copied somewhere.

Select Output Format: Select the preferred output format, such as MP4 or MP3.

Convert and Download: This will be in the format of [File Name].To use the converter, click the convert button and download the converted file.

Desktop Software Converters

Desktop converters are programs that you download and install on your computer and are more functional than online converters with the bonus of an increased conversion rate.

Recommended Software

4K Video Downloader

Freemake Video Converter

Any Video Converter

Converting in desktop converters can include the following work:

Download and Install the Software: It is necessary to go to www.XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX and download the software.

Copy the YouTube Video URL: Open your preferred web browser, go to YouTube, and locate the video you want to download. Copy the URL of the video of your choice.

Open the Software: The user starts using the converter software.

Paste the URL: Copy and insert the URL to the set input field of the software in operation.

Choose Output Format and Settings: Choose the video format and quality option needed for the movie.

Convert and Save: After completing the conversion process, please click the convert button and download the file to your computer.

Mobile App Converters

Free YouTube converters to use on your mobile are those that can be used to convert and download videos straight on your gadgets.

Recommended Mobile Apps

TubeMate (Android)

Vendor documents by Readdle (iOS app includes converters accessible through a browser)

As you may know, there are several ways to make your app available on different operating systems. One of them is to build the application from scratch, but this requires significant effort and costs. Mobile app converters are tools that help create the look and feel of the application as if it were developed for the target operating system.

Install the App: You must download and install the app from the correct source, a reputable website.

Copy the YouTube Video URL: Copy from a YouTube app or get the structure of the address.

Open the Converter App: Then, copy and paste the URL of the specific video into the converter app.

Select Output Format: Select the format you want to watch.

Convert and Download: Check for video compatibility and save the video to the device.

Browser Extensions

Conversion capabilities intended to be accessed via browser integration can be directly installed into your browser as a browser add-on.

Popular Extensions

The installation process of TubeMate and Video DownloadHelper is as follows: TubeMate is available for the Android operating system, while Video DownloadHelper is compatible with Firefox and Chrome.

An add-on is called ‘Easy YouTube Video Downloader For Firefox.’

They have contributed the following to the Chrome Browser Extension: It is essential to provide clear guidance on using Browser Extensions as a user.

Install the Extension: Download it from the extension store and install it to your browser.

Navigate to YouTube: To begin the conversion process, open the YouTube video you want to download.

Use the Extension: After installing the Y2Mate extension, right-click on the Y2Mate extension icon and click ‘settings.’ Here, you will find the output quality option to select the type of output format.

Download the Converted File: Click the save button and save it to your computer in the format you copied from the website.

Safety and Security Tips

Avoid Malware: Avoid downloading a program from sites with copyright logos or software that would slow your computer.

Verify File Sizes: At approximately the end of the download, check the received file size to see if it is the expected size.

Use Antivirus Software: Antivirus software can remove the virus before one opens it.


With the correct tools, downloading and converting files from YouTube is likely very easy and convenient. However, when using desktop software, mobile apps, or browser extensions, legal use must be adopted while navigating the Web, and safety precautions should be taken.

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