How to Download YouTube Videos in 1080p


Downloading 1080p quality YouTube videos enables its users to have high-definition videos when one is watching them offline for fun, learning, or even when making other compositions. In this article, different techniques and sites that can be used to download YouTube videos in 1080p and legally are described.

Understanding YouTube Video Resolutions

YouTube allows transmitting videos with different resolutions, and one of the most widespread is 1080p, or Full High Definition, with 1920×1080 pixels. This resolution is well preferred by many for the finer details, which is usually an added advantage when viewed on big screens or in cases where images are to be edited.

Legal Considerations

Any endeavor aimed at downloading YouTube videos should be done so, bearing the following legalities into consideration. According to YouTube’s policy and guidelines, it is strictly prohibited to download a video without express permission from the content creator or where the creator has given a download option through a download button or a download link either from YouTube or from the owner of the video.

Ways to Save YouTube Videos in 1080p

  1. Online Video Downloaders

Free YouTube video download applications can be used to download youtube video 1080p with ease. They function through putting the video URL on their website, choosing the 1080p resolution, and directly downloading the file to your device. Popular options include:

SaveFrom. Net: The utility makes it possible for the users to input the URL of the given YouTube video and choose the resolution, both 1080p included.

Y2Mate: Favorites feature: allows you to download YouTube videos with different sizes with ease and with the specified ones with 1080p.

  1. Browser Extensions

This is because Browser extensions give extra features that operate right on your web browser and, therefore, are perfect for quickly downloading YouTube videos in 1080p. Examples include:

Video DownloadHelper (Firefox/Chrome): Inserts a download button beside YouTube videos; it gives the option to select 1080p quality where it is available.

YouTube Video Downloader (Chrome): Provides single-click downloading of YouTube videos, including high-quality ones such as 1080p.

  1. Software Applications

Dedicated software applications are another option for downloading YouTube videos in 1080p, offering additional features such as batch downloading or format conversion: Dedicated software applications are another option for downloading YouTube videos in 1080p, offering additional features such as batch downloading or format conversion:

4K Video Downloader: Enabling users to download youtube video 1080p through up to 4K, including 1080p, it also allows for saving the entire playlist or even channel.

Freemake Video Downloader: Allows downloading YouTube videos at different qualities, such as 1080p, and has features involving downloading multiple videos at once and conversion of the videos to other formats.

Guidelines for Downloading YouTube Videos in 1080p

Choose the Method: Choose a service, a browser add-on, or an application based on your personal choice and supported operating system.

Copy the Video URL:

  • Open your browser and navigate to YouTube.
  • Search for the video you are interested in and right-click on your browser.
  • Select copy.

URL of your choice.

Paste and Download: Copy and paste the URL into the selected tool, choose 1080p if the option is available, and proceed with the downloading.


Q: Is downloading videos from YouTube allowed by the law?

A: Yes, it is legal, but it depends on the validity of the video’s copyright and YouTube policy and regulations. It is very important always to make sure that you have permission to download the video in question.

Q: Are there any ways to download 1080p videos on the go from YouTube using a mobile device?

A: Indeed, some applications or websites are compatible with mobile devices and can download YouTube videos in High definition, 1080 p, and save them directly to the smartphone or tablet.


Downloading videos from YouTube in Full HD allows being prepared for anything and makes the process more convenient. However, this action should be conducted following the laws and rules specified by copyright agreements and the Yamaha-YouTube partnership. In this case, if the tools being used are credible and if the user comprehends the laws regarding the downloading of high-definition content, then foreign content can be downloaded appropriately.

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