How to Download YouTube Videos Online

Watching videos on YouTube offline has become trendy as many individuals seek to download YouTube videos. Specific processes existed in the past, but present techniques are easy to use. In this article, the author will describe different techniques for downloading YouTube videos online, the benefits and drawbacks of those methods, and answers to frequently asked questions about this issue.

Why Download YouTube Videos?

There are many reasons why someone might want to download YouTube videos: There are many reasons why someone might want to download YouTube videos:

Offline Viewing: If you need to watch a video without an internet connection, you can do it offline, maybe while on the go.

Convenience: If you have several videos that you want to watch, you do not have to look for them again.

Archiving: Always download videos that a user deletes or privatizes their videos.

Editing: For personal projects or presentations, one can use video clips.

Ways of Downloading YouTube Videos from the Internet

  1. Using Online Video Downloaders

An online video downloader is a webpage allowing users to download YouTube videos once the URL is pasted. These tools are easy to operate, and no additional software is necessary to download.


Open the YouTube video that you want to download on the browser and take a copy of the URL.

In that case, visit an OVD website (for example, Y2Mate, SaveFrom Net).

Please copy the link to the video and paste it into the given area.

Select the preferred video format and resolution you want.

The ‘Download’ button is provided to download the video.


No software installation is required.

It is a simple and quick process.

It can be used on any device with an internet connection, including a computer, smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


It may have intrusive ads.

The flexibility of the quality and output format could be restricted.

You should be more secure with the links when you click links and the websites they take.

  1. Using Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are also notable for their ability to download YouTube videos from the video page itself. These extensions add a download option below the playing video as a download button.


Add a video downloader addon/plug-in (e.g., Video DownloadHelper if using Chrome or Firefox).

Launch the YouTube video you wish to download.

Open the button that is installed by the extension and download.

Choose the format and quality of the output you need.

A video clip will be downloaded to your device to support other processes.


Easy to use and independent from your browser’s installed extensions and add-ons.

It is known to support multiple formats and qualities frequently.

Typically free to use.


Compared to others, some extensions may not be compatible with all browsers.

It may require additional permissions.

It may reduce the raw speed of a browser or take a very long time to load a page.

  1. Using Dedicated Software

Of course, several independent software programs were created only to download YouTube video files. These programs offer additional features, such as downloading in batches, converting files, and downloading subtitles.


Install unique video downloading software (e.g., 4K Video Downloader, YTD).

Open the desired YouTube video, right-click on it, and copy its URL.

Go to the downloader software and click on it to open it. Then, you type the URL.

Select the inclination for the basic format, quality, and location to place the saved data.

Press the button download to begin.


Software and application intelligence and flexibility.

High-quality downloads.

It can download the entire playlist or channel.


Requires software installation.

Some programs may be paid or contain several limited functions in the free version.

It may occupy more system space.


Q1: Can it be safe to download videos from YouTube? 

A1: YouTube policies prohibit downloading YouTube videos, but individuals are allowed to do so for only those videos that have a download button on them. However, downloading for personal use is considered more acceptable as long as the user does not steal the hard work and efforts of the content creators and follows the copyright laws.

Q2: What is the best format to have on YouTube? 

A2: The type you select depends on the best format for your project. MP4 is the most popular video format since it offers high quality and is small. Thus, if you prefer high quality, you can use the MKV format, but if you have to work with devices of the older generation, it would be better to use the AVI format.

Q3: Is it possible to have YouTube downloads on a smartphone?

A3: Of course, yes, and it is straightforward; all you can do is use your Smartphone with the help of TubeMate or VidMate. Another way is to use online video downloaders, either through a mobile browser or through applications that allow the download of mobile videos.

Q4: Is the downloading of videos from YouTube safe in any way?

A4: There can be some risks as well, yes. You risk encountering various ads, malicious files, or phishing attempts when downloading torrents or using specific online extensions. It is recommended that only trusted tools be used, and the antivirus program should be updated.

Q5: Can I download videos in 720p quality from YouTube, and can you tell me the steps? 

A5: Yes, many downloaders let you choose High-Definition Quality (720p, 1080, or even higher). Nevertheless, the quality of downloaded videos might be reduced by the original video quality and the downloader’s efficiency regarding HD downloads.

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