The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Menyimpan Videos


Indeed, YouTube has assumed the function of one of the primary sources for viewing videos, including lectures and educational materials. This online platform is entirely used by users to download YouTube videos. However, there are other ways of downloading YouTube videos and saving them directly to the device gallery. This article discusses recommendations concerning saving YouTube videos to the Gallery without using SaveFrom.

Why take YouTube videos and store them in the Gallery?

Downloading YouTube videos and placing them directly in the Gallery has certain benefits. First, it creates an offline mode for the videos you are interested in, which is quite helpful when traveling or in areas where internet connection is scarce. Second, saving the videos to the Gallery allows the convenience of sorting them and making different individual compartments or albums. Finally, it will enable content to be easily shared with others without the need for the recipient to be on YouTube.

Method 1: The third-party apps are as follows:

The best technique for ensuring a direct downloading of YouTube videos to your Gallery is through application download. Some of the most used apps include TubeMate, VidMate, and Snaptube, and they are preferred since they integrate YouTube searching inside the app. Everything is easy: users can choose the desired video, select the quality ranging from HD to the lowest, and even download the video to the device’s Gallery without any problems. Some of these apps also provide options such as the download of multiple files at once and the mode of conversion for videos, making these applications more desirable for users who appreciate the ability to do things their way.

Method 2: Using Browser Extensions

Another helpful technique is using extensions for the most popular browsers, including Chrome and Firefox. Addons like Video DownloadHelper and ClipConverter work like plug-ins that operate within the browser, detect videos being played, and allow download. After they are installed, all these extensions help save YouTube videos to the Gallery with only one click. It will usually support multiple video formats and resolutions so the user can choose the right one.

It helps satisfy these needs without having to close the browser window.

Method 3: There are so many online services for video download that this article covers only a few of them that are leaders in the market.

However, there are online services that fully fulfill the function of downloading YouTube videos without the use of applications or sticks. Some of the well-developed sites for the purpose include SaveClipBro, Y2mate, Kee, and pVid, where users can copy the URL of the desired YouTube video. Such services most commonly provide several links for the desired video, where the user can also choose the preferable quality and format of the file before downloading it. When entrusting the download of videos through online services, it is necessary to select only high-quality sites that consider the user’s confidentiality.

Comparison of Different Methods

All the procedures outlined here for downloading YouTube videos to the Gallery have unique advantages and inconveniences. Third-party apps represent a more profound solution with more valuable functions when all media files are required, different formats of the same video are needed, or when downloading in batch mode is necessary. Again, browser extensions do not hinder the operation of the user interface and enable one to download directly from YouTube with ease. Online services are advantageous due to the lack of necessity for further software installation and availability of videos for download from any platform, even if one is through other online services that may differ in the operational dependability and the range of speed.


To sum up, there is a list of several efficient techniques to download YouTube videos, surrounded by your Gallery, excluding SaveFrom. Both approaches of using third-party applications, browser add-ons, or online services have various advantages that are exclusively tailored to the definite users’ preferences and requirements. Thus, reading through these options, you will identify the method that you prefer when it comes to downloading and saving YouTube videos, depending on your need in your device gallery.

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