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Downloading YouTube videos in MP4 format has gained a lot of attention now as this format can be easily used and the output is also good. If you wish to download and install videos from YouTube for the specific purpose of watching them offline or for developing a collection of some sort, many techniques will enable you to download YouTube as MP4. In this article, you will find out various methods and applications that will assist in downloading YouTube videos and downloading mp4 in mp4 format effectively.

Why Choose MP4 Format?

MP4 is a widely-used video format that offers several advantages: MP4 is a widely-used video format that offers several advantages:

Compatibility: MP4 files can possibly be played on almost every device possible including mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, and television.

Quality: Of these files, MP4 supports high definition in video as well as audio, therefore, providing the best viewing experience to the audience.

Compression: MP4 files are compressed although not heavily and therefore are much smaller in size without much loss of quality.

Ways in Which One Can Download YouTube Videos and Save Them in MP4 Format

  1. Online Video Downloaders

BS. Software that enables one to download YouTube videos is commonly referred to as online video downloaders which are usability tools. Some popular online video downloaders include: Some popular online video downloaders include:

SaveFrom. net: You only have to enter the required link, choose the format of an output file as an MP4, and press the download button.

Y2Mate: This site also entails the option to download videos in different formats for instance MP4. All you need to do is simply copy the link of the sharing video you want, select the orientation you want to download, and boom!

ClipConverter. cc: This tool has more features for converting YouTube videos and downloading them in the format of MP4.

  1. Browser Extensions 

There are several ways by which browser extensions can be of use in downloading YouTube videos. Here are a few recommended extensions: Here are a few recommended extensions: 

Video DownloadHelper: Called site downloader for Firefox and site downloader for Chrome, these two extensions will enable you to download videos from such sites as YouTube. 

Easy YouTube Video Downloader: This extension is created purely for YouTube and it has the ability to download videos in MP4 format without any problem. 

  1. Desktop Software 

Compared to online software, desktop software has more options and it allows more control in the downloading of YouTube videos. Some popular options include: 

4K Video Downloader: It is also possible to download entire playlists and channels in addition to particular videos in this software. It provides possible formats: mp4. 

YTD Video Downloader: With YTD, you are able to get videos from YouTube and other sites at the same time get them in different formats. The software buys and sells MP4 format and has ease-of-use features. 

  1. Mobile Apps 

For those who prefer downloading videos directly to their smartphones, there are several mobile apps available: For those who prefer downloading videos directly to their smartphones, there are several mobile apps available: 

TubeMate: It is a famous Android application to download YouTube videos mp4 in MP4 format and many more. 

VidMate: This is another Android app that also allows users to download videos from several websites including YouTube. 

How to Save YouTube Videos as MP4 in a Few Easy Stages 

Using SaveFrom net 

Launch the YouTube site and then grab the address of the desired video. 

Go to SaveFrom. When you are ready, go to your online network of choice copy the direct link of the item you want to share, and paste it into the input field. 

Select MP4 as the desired format we are most likely to use with our devices. 

On clicking the download button the video shall begin to download on the device being used. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

  1. It is legal to download YouTube videos as MP4

It is legal to download YouTube videos for an individual’s own use as a backup of the actual video, not for business use, or for other commercial gains it is unlawful to do so because you will be violating YouTube policy in as much as violating the copyrights of the owner of the video. 

  1. Is it possible to download YouTube videos to MP4 on an iPhone? 

Yes, it is possible to download YouTube videos in MP4 format on iPhone by using an application known as Documents by readdle which helps in downloading files on iPhone. 

  1. Is this process requiring software installation necessary for the downloading of YouTube videos? 

No, there are many online video-downloading tools that can be accessed by directly using the browser, without needing to install anything. However, there are likely to be more features and availability of options for the desktop software or the mobile app utilized. 

  1. Of course, there is some danger in such actions, so is there any risk of downloading YouTube videos? 

We also have risks of downloading videos from such sites as you may download a video only to find it full of malware or the videos downloaded may not be of good quality. Only work with professional software and websites to decrease the risk of threat and increase quality. 


Downloading YouTube videos in mp4 format is very helpful for those, who like to watch certain videos in their free time without an internet connection. There are online tools, which browser extensions, desktop applications, and mobile applications, so you would not lack choices. It is also important to abide by the copyright laws and the YouTube policy while performing the download operation. Happy downloading! 

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